I read a lot of news articles.  I also have made a habit out of reading the comments under online news articles.  They are absolutely fascinating.  I took to responding and making my own comments.  I noticed something very interesting in all my reading.  The general public in the USA is incredibly disenchanted by the two major political parties that govern this country.  It’s very easy to complain, but it is not easy to do something about it.  Political parties have come and gone throughout history.  Is it time for a new party that can unite our base ideals and actually get something done in Washington?  I think so.  I call this party “Common Sense” because I couldn’t think of a better term.  I want to invite any ideas to the table.  Perhaps something will come out of this, but then again maybe it wont.  The point is that it needs to and it will as long as common sense prevails.


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